234 Fest 2022 Complete Lineup!

With a physique bettering that of Schwarzenegger; 234 Fest has taken rather resounding form. Bristol based post-punk trio, Grandmas House, are locked in and set to cause a raucous on the Saturday night- we cannot wait to host their infectious and captivating sound. Spang Sisters are the sort of fine and distinguished young gentlemen you’d love to take home to meet your parents, they also make rather lovely folky bedroom pop that’ll be the perfect soundtrack for your Sunday evening. Bringing his angular riffs and vocal acrobatics, local favourite Ellis D never has a bad trip, whilst Sad Dads are set to don their treasured cowboy hats and perform their western infused slacker rock on the Saturday. With a voice angelically divine, Maximilian will bring his mid 90s sounding brooding ballads to the festival and Harper will swoon audiences with her confessional indie pop. Completing this rather rotund lineup is a band who are as great as their name suggests- Austen Showers are the dazzling high-energy post punk quartet to open up proceedings and commence what will be a spectacular two days of music at the Green Door Store.


As with all great festivals, music is only part of the joy- we are pleased to announce the return of the world’s greatest vegan burrito van- A Tribe Called Veg. Fill your stomach with their nourishing and delectable food whilst your liver gets a workout breaking down cans of Carlsberg. Not only this but we will also be making Bloody Marys on Sunday for all those in the hair of the dog club to make the second day of your festival just as fantastic as the first. Moreover, hypnotic visuals will be provided by Inner Strings throughout all the performances and will help make this festival as special an event as possible. May I also remind you all that this festival is still free entry- catch you on our cobblestoned floor.

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