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Supporting Local Bands & Artists

GDS 7th Birthday

Video shot & Edited by Thomas Lisle Coe-Brooker

We are mostly known for our ‘GDS Presents’ shows. These are for local new bands to hone their craft, find and build their audience and they are free entry so that money isn’t a boundary for audience members to experience new music. These shows have been essential for nurturing new bands in our local scene.

If you would like to play a free entry ‘GDS Presents’ show then please drop us an email on with a link to your band on fb and a demo (this can be rough). Please put ‘GDS Presents’ in the subject title.

Local Promoters

Getting in contact with local promoters is another way to get involved with the local music scene. Please find a list of promoters that we work with below if you are interested in performing at The Green Door Store.

Promoters that we work with:


Unfortunately, we cannot offer support slots with touring acts unless specified by the promoter or agent. If you would like to be considered for our GDS Presents shows, please email us with your social links, music, and some info about your act.