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Platform B radio

Next Generation Radio Station - 105.5 FM

Platform B is Brighton & Hove’s (UK) not-for-profit next gen radio station broadcasting online since 2016 and on 105.5 FM and DAB across the city since the 1st October 2018. The station is directed by a new wave of DJs, producers and presenters who are re-imagining and diversifying the medium with an eclectic mix of music and youth programming with the studio based on ‘Platform B’ in the Green Door Store. 

As well as bringing you the latest from up and coming artists and championing new talent, Platform B has a dynamic team of over a hundred volunteers including DJs, presenters and producers all working in the music industry, running their own gigs and club nights, producing their own music as well as having an impact as an emerging wave of thought leaders, journalists and activists.  

Platform B reflects a cross section of young people in the community of Brighton & Hove, empowering them and developing new skills, becoming a place for bold experiments and providing experiences which open up new pathways to employment. It is currently the only radio station in Brighton & Hove to be presented by 16 – 25 yr olds  and has become one of the leading platforms in the city for youth culture.

As well as regular radio broadcasts from the Green Door Store, Platform B runs successful pop-up radio broadcasts in the city partnering with various organisations including The Great Escape Festival, Lucy & Yak, Brainchild Festival, Youth Music, Arts Council England, Audio Active, University of Sussex and University of Brighton.

Platform B Radio