Spill play an integral part in the new wave of Brighton bands.

They released their demo ‘Mend‘ 2 months ago, it takes the good parts of 90/2000s emo and merges it with the tone and sensibilities of 80s British Post-punk. Luke Vinton’s vocals are reminiscent of Raein and current UK band Healing Powers but hold a darker gutteral tone -its works.

As a band they excell in communicating a temperamental and expressive nature, “mend” sounds as if it could go into a 10 minute slowcore ballad in the vein of 90s band Duster, but has the possibility to explode like revolution summer bands of the early 80s.

You may not have heard of spill yet as they mainly operate through basement shows, but catching this underground scene (ft. bands you should know redrooms, The Space Cowboys and squid) in human form is crucial – all the best cult movements in music share members and this scene is no exeption.

Spill will play Green Door Store’s 6th birthday with TRAAMS, GANG and more on the 7th of January

Listen to “mend” and early demo’s below:

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