Over the past five years, Doe have toured extensively across Europe, UK and the US as well as releasing two full length albums. Their latest release “Some Things Last Longer Than You”, released in 2016, really expresses their musical identity through rich harmonies and the unique voice of lead singer, Nicola. Their songs navigate from steady, strong sing-alongs to more driving, rage-fuelled numbers.

Personal Best have built up quite a following since appearing on the scene. Producing music that is both authentic and catchy, the band combine hints of indie and pop-punk which matched with their zealous live performance create an experience that will surely make you want to get up and dance.

It has to be said, that The Winter Passing write absolute bangers! Songs you want to sing along to with your friends at the top of your voices together. We predict that latest single ‘Like Flowers’ is your No.1 road-trip song for this Summer!

Mixing chilled acoustic vibes with punk-pop and indie, Shit Present’s music can satisfy a lot of different expectations. You can recognize their influences (such as Green Day, Oasis, Pink, Cloud Nothings, Hot water music, Robbie, The Clash, The Beatles) but it’s also clear that they have developed a sound that is identifiably theirs. Step into another world and be serenaded by this wicked band.

Crumbs are a post-punk, pop-party of punchy basslines, super-danceable rhythms, and effervescent interchanging vocal lines. Since forming, the band have been busy releasing a cassette with Dirtygirl, an EP on Tuff Enuff Records and recording a live session for Marc Riley on 6 Music. In addition the band have been touring and have released their debut album “ Mind Yr Manners”. We highly recommend you give it a spin pre fest!

Porridge Radio began as Dana Margolin’s bedroom project. Now a Brighton-based 5-piece that is on everyones radar, it’s clear they have become everyones favourite DIY band and for good reason too. They’ve crafted awesome melodic pop songs that you should absolutely check out!

Originally from California and now based in South-East London, Charmpit will take you through their warm, uplifting and lively set. Bringing suitable Cali sunny vibes with a strong injection of angsty swag from the big smoke, their incredibly well suited 3-piece  vocals are revolutionizing the pop-punk style like nobody else.

Taking inspiration from the 90’s culture of DIY, Punk and Riot Grrrl, The Menstrual Cramps write, record and produce everything themselves. Aiming to be politically-engaging, funny and confrontational, the result is anarcho-punk and strong lyrics that are empowering women across the UK.

Loud, proud and unapologetic, Bitch Theme are a grunge- girl band based in Brighton. Wearing their feminist perspectives on their sleeves, the band create a strong alternative punk sound.

After months of writing, practising and perfecting their sound, Ghum played their first show in July 2016. Since then, the band have played shows across London and Brighton. Listen to them and you’ll feel an overwhelming array of powerful emotions supported by a dark atmosphere soundtrack for some serious head banging.

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