Judi & The Doodlecats PRESENTS:

PARTY IN YOUR PANTS - All Tomorrow's Panties




23:00 - 04:00



18 + ONLY


Party In Your Pants

We are back in February, most miserable of months, to do that revolutionary thing we do so well – play against the gloom!
We are delighted to have been offered a regular space at The Green Door Store and look forward to creating even more mayhem and mess with you in 2018. Thanks for staying with us, here’s to All Tomorrow’s Panties!
If you are new to the Doodlecat Tribe – play nice, and read on. You will be tested on this!

What Party In Your Pants IS:
It’s a festival crammed into 5 hours, where reality is suspended, mess is encouraged, and everyone is the Talent. In the two years since we embarked on this journey, we have created a little revolution. We refuse to let everyday sexism dictate our definition of beauty, we exercise the joyful right to dance in our pants without fear of judgement or harassment. We rebelliously refuse to be labelled or placed in a genre because we are you, our customers, and you are as diverse as the city we live in.
Check out our Facebook page, read the reviews on Skiddle, watch our YouTube channel. This is not an ordinary club night, it belongs to you.

What Party In Your Pants Is NOT:
Do not attend our party to look at naked people. You have the internet, stay at home.
Do not attend our party in search of a mate. If the #MeToo phenomenon left you exasperated and wondering ‘well, when IS it appropriate for me to hit on someone?’ the answer is NOT AT PARTY IN YOUR PANTS. We come here to party as equal human beings, whatever our gender, body shape, orientation. We come here to experience freedom from the pressure to be attractive, thin, young, gender conforming and especially to be free from the need to guard against creeps. The sexual tension at PIYP can best be compared to a kindergarten. If you hit on people at our party, you will be treated as if you flirted with a toddler. Don’t do it.
Do not use our party to enhance your drug experience. By all means, enhance our party however you choose, but if you cannot understand a simple sentence, then you cannot understand if your attention is desired or not, and we would prefer you to go elsewhere.
If this description of our party offended you, then ours is not the one for you. Peace, Love and Liberated Nipples,
The Doodlecats


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